"Basic building blocks of connection are as universal as binary code. At the core, we are as similar as binary zeros and ones, and as complexly different as the programs sprouting from them." Read more of the interview with the author about Call Me Spes, by Darrell Laurant. 

"Reading this collection of poetry felt like trying to crack the code of life in today’s cyber era. " Read more of the micro-review of Call Me Spes, reviewed by Shey Saints.

"...a collection that explores the need to mark our presence in this life, even as we know that it is all impermanent and often fades." Read more about of Nothing You Build Here, Belongs Here, reviewed by Serena Agusto-Cox 


Discussion of Call Me Spes and other work.

recorded October 25, 2022.

Sara Cahill Marron and Lee Ann Brown, in conversation.

Recorded May 14, 2020

"...leavened with humour and a sense of deeply felt empathy for her fellow human beings." Read more in Vallum Magazine of Nothing You Build Here, Belongs Here, reviewed by Jonathan Harrington. 

Jorge Contreras of Ablucionistas, poetry festival in Hidalgo, Mexico hosts: Hot v. Cold Poetry, Sara Cahill Marron in conversation with Indran Amirthanayagam and John Wall Barger. November 7, 2020. Recorded.

Interview about Nothing You Build Here, Belongs Here with Lost City Books (Washington D.C.)


Interview for The Poetry Channel by Indran Amirthanayagam (August 2, 2021)

The cover of Nothing You Build Here, Belongs Here before it was complete!

How does Queens influence your writing?

"The people from my neighborhood in Jamaica, the first restaurant I waitressed at in Bayside, the coffee shop I worked at and got fired from after two terrible hours of the morning rush; the many interconnected highways it took for me to travel from work to home and back again (the Grand Central Parkway to the Clearview to Bayside, or the Grand Central Parkway to the LIE to the BQE to Brooklyn or beyond); and the sounds of people’s lives. "

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Interview with BlogTalk Radio host Dr. Micheal Anthony Ingram -

Quintessential Listening: Poetry Reading Series (November 20, 2019)