Sara Cahill Marron

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Call Me Spes

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 "This book raises the possibility that the devices themselves are actually being humanized as they learn from their users, via AI, and recode to incorporate new information.[...] But is it learning from a dependable teacher? [...] she not only questions what we are learning but what we are teaching our devices as we march toward a robotic world of Artificial Intelligence.  Read the entire review, in Heavy Feather Review, by Jonathan Harrington.

"Reading this collection of poetry felt like trying to crack the code of life in today’s cyber era. " Read more of the micro-review of Call Me Spes, reviewed by Shey Saints.

"Basic building blocks of connection are as universal as binary code. At the core, we are as similar as binary zeros and ones, and as complexly different as the programs sprouting from them." Read more of the interview with the author about Call Me Spes, by Darrell Laurant. 

"As readers we are on this journey looking from the outside in, finding a system caught up in the drama of humanity and losing itself in that story." -Read More of the review by Serena Agusto-Cox.

Kelsay Books,  June 2021

"An urgent and vital book of, and for, our time."  

"A voyage of lyric bliss" 

Nothing You Build Here, Belongs Here is a portrait of a world tottering, laid low by COVID-19 in particular, but also by our political fragmentation, echoes of Yeats, Whitman, and Tennyson, but also experimental language are threaded throughout: "As if the heat is a thing/ you can hide from." Mother Earth personified speaks to us in CSS, HTML, and luxuriant elegiac language, urging shared humanity after the accusation: My Mountains Could Care Less About You."

Read a review here.

"...leavened with humour and a sense of deeply felt empathy for her fellow human beings." review in Vallum Magazine of Nothing You Build Here, Belongs Here, by Jonathan Harrington. 

"...a collection that explores the need to mark our presence in this life, even as we know that it is all impermanent and often fades." Read more about of Nothing You Build Here, Belongs Here, reviewed by Serena Agusto-Cox 

Reasons for the Long Tu'm 

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"In this dazzling, dizzying first collection, poet Sara Cahill Marron draws inspiration from two seemingly very disparate sources. The first, Marcel Duchamp’s painting by that name (which celebrated its centenary in the year of this book's publication), appears on the book’s cover. Created as a site-specific commission, which explains its odd dimensions (thus one of the “reasons”), Duchamp incorporated references to much of his prior work, while pointing the way (literally) to his move beyond painting (one interpretation of the title is a contraction for “you bore me”).  It is, then, a work simultaneously about looking back and looking forward, working within limitations, and shattering them." read more here.